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MOT Bays large enough for motorhomes

MOT Testing


We can test class IV petrol and diesel cars, vans up to 3000Kg GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and motor homes, which depend only depend on what we can fit into the building, our entrance to the workshop is 3.2 metres high with I think approximately a 4.5 metre width.


The MOT pit is large enough to accommodate most motor homes, owners are invited to call with their dimensions to see if they will fit our premises, if any doubt.


An MOT takes approximately and hour to complete, which we can do whilst the person waits in the comfortable reception area. We have free tea and coffee and newspapers etc to pass the time. The MOTs are done in “hour slots” ie 8.30 am until 9.30 am etc last slot being 11.30 in the morning the start again at 1.30 pm through till 4.30 pm being the last.


If you doesn’t want to wait we will collect from the locality free, we prefer to do this at the beginning of the day around 8 am and deliver back at the end of the day ie after 5.30pm but if that doesn’t suit we will adjust accordingly.


We will collect from local business both company cars and staff vehicle, allowing them to go about their work while we fix their car.

The MOT viewing area is in from the reception area where customer can look through the large window into the workshop whilst remaining in the comfort of the climate controlled reception area.


Costs currently £49.50 ( current price VOSA price £54.85) Trade concessions depending on volume, with One free re-test providing the vehicle is returned with 10 working days from the original test.


We can also give competitive quotes for any repair work that may be necessary should their vehicle not pass.

To book your car in please telephone 01327 860 801 from 7 am to 9 pm

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